CinemaDNG is a camera raw codec originally developed by Adobe. It is considered an open standard, because Adobe turned over control and support of the format to a community of CinemaDNG partners. The format was developed as a still image format based on TIFF and is not based on specific, proprietary sensor designs.

Motion files may be stored within an MXF package as a picture track or as an image sequence. CinemaDNG files may be compressed or uncompressed. These image sequences are sequentially numbered .dng files and contained within a folder for each shot. CinemaDNG is commonly used as a format with drone cameras and was also used by Blackmagic Design before they developed Blackmagic RAW. CinemaDNG is the only camera raw format that can be batch-processed using various still image and photography applications, such as Adobe Lightroom. Color Finale Transcoder currently supports individual .dng files and .dng image sequences, but not the .mxf format.

Last modified June 1, 2021