Importing files through the Queue

Two additional external transcoding functions have been added since the initial launch of Color Finale Transcoder. Right-click any camera raw clip in the media browser panel for an additional pulldown menu. From these options, you may Reveal in Finder, Save Transcoded Media, or Queue for Transcoding.

When you select Save Transcoded Media, the selected clip(s) will be rendered to your Downloads folder. During this process the default web browser will briefly open. This is a normal.

To use the render Queue, select one or more clips, right-click and choose Queue for Transcoding. A Finder window will open for you to designate the target drive or folder for the rendered files. The selected files then appear in the Queue section at the left along with a progress indicator. Using the Queue is an ideal method to process a large number of camera raw files as a batch. It is also an important way to conserve internal drive space, since the renders can be targeted to any drive and thus won’t impact your internal storage if a larger capacity drive has been selected.

Since these last two methods are processed outside of Final Cut Pro, the media will not automatically appear inside an Event, so an extra step is required. Highlight the processed files in the Queue and click the Import Processed button. A window will open up enabling you to assign the Final Cut Library for these files. They are then automatically imported using FCP’s Leave In Place method. Alternatively, you can manually import these files using the standard Final Cut Pro media import routine.

Last modified June 1, 2021