Installation and activation

Color Finale Transcoder is currently supported on Apple Mac computers with Intel and Apple Silicon M1 SoC processors. Color Finale Transcoder can be used on computers running macOS Catalina, and Big Sur.

To start, download the Color Final Transcoder disk image installer file. Double-click it to launch the installer. Then double-click the icon in the window to install Color Finale Transcoder. This moves the Color Finale Transcoder application to your Applications folder. A registration window will pop up for you to Activate, Start Trial, or Quit.

If you have not purchased Color Finale Transcoder yet, you may operate in a trial mode for seven days. Click the Start Trial button to begin the trial period. Transcoder is fully functional, however the viewer and any rendered files will be watermarked.

If you purchased a license, you will have received an e-mail with an Activation Code number. Click Activate and enter the code when prompted. When a valid code is detected, the Activate button will be highlighted. Click it and enter your computer’s user name and password at the next prompt. When successful, the registration window reappears, where you can update the application or deactivate the license on that computer. Up to two computers may be simultaneously activated. Close the window and then close and eject the installer.

If you need to uninstall the Color Finale Transcoder application, select Registration from the Transcoder icon located on the top Mac menu bar. Click Deactivate from the Registration screen and close. Then Quit Transcoder and move the application from your Applications folder to the Trash. Empty the Trash.

Last modified June 1, 2021