Blackmagic RAW controls


The default values for a Blackmagic RAW clip come from the metadata stored in the media clip. There are Highlight Recovery and Gamut Compression buttons. These may be toggled on or off. Enabling these functions is intended to add a soft highlight rolloff and/or make sure the saturation stays within legal color gamut levels. Both controls will have minimal effect, unless you have extreme color and brightness values.

The Color Temperature slider operates in a familiar fashion, based on the Kelvin scale. Moving the Tint slider in a negative direction (left) adds a green cast to the image. Move it right to a positive value and the image will have a magenta cast (opposite direction from ARRIRAW).

You may adjust brightness using either the ISO or Exposure sliders; however, the range of increase or decrease is far greater using the Exposure slider than the ISO control.

In addition to the color space options already mentioned, the BRAW controls include a Custom setting. When you select Custom for color space, you get additional color space options, as well as a larger range of gamma options. These choices are designed to better match the look of your Blackmagic camera raw footage to that of other camera manufacturers’ color science. This also allows you to add LUTs designed to be applied to the images using these color spaces.

Last modified June 1, 2021